Camera bodies

  • Canon C300 Mark II
  • Sony FS5 4K
  • Sony a7sii

Camera lenses

  • Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 USM II
  • Canon 24-105mm f/4 lens USM I
  • Canon 16-35mm f2.8 Lens USM I
  • Zeiss 50mm f1.8 Lens

Camera support

  • Shape FS5 shoulder rig with Metabones support
  • Sachtler ACE M Tripod
  • Zacuto z-finder for sony FS5
  • Beeholder ds1 camera stabilizer
  • Shape cage with handle for a7sii
  • Movi M10 Stabilzer Gimbal
  • 24" and 48" Slider


  • Fiilex P360 3 Light Kit
  • Kino Diva Lite 400
  • LED Flolight Microbeam 128


  • Atomos shogun inferno external monitor
  • 3 Fillex p360 light kit with stands and soft box
  • Senheiser wireless lav kit
  • Audio Technica Microphone
  • Atomos Shogun Inferno 4K Recorder / Monitor
  • 056W Chrosziel 450W-R20 Super Wide Mattebox
  • Teradek Bolt Pro Wireless Transmiter & Receiver


Please note: Other cameras and gear, to suit your project available upon request.